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Thanks for deciding to play with us and joining the Club!  We are so happy you are playing with us!  To make your experience the best it can be, please take a moment and read these key notes about your upcoming season! 

Navagating Our Site

We worked really hard on our website to give you the best online experience as possible!  With that said, take a sec to watch our short tutorials on how to navagate our site.  From finding your game schedule to securing a substitute for your game, it's all right here.  Cheers!   


Partner Bars 

The Sport & Social Club has a list of partner bars that will allow players to receive discounts on drinks and food during your league night at each location just for being a Club Member.

A complete lineup of bars that cater to our Club Members (YOU) can be found on our list  to attend each week before or after games and will continuously be updated, so be sure to check back for new specials.  You may choose to make your rounds and hit each one to change up the scenery and meet other awesome Club Members!  Plus, you never know when one of our Social Squad members might buy a round for everyone in attendance or hand out free swag items.  Remember, it’s only a party and is always more fun when we all show up! 


The Club promotes being responsible when it comes to consuming adult beverages.  Please follow the rules when it comes to public parks, gyms, and playing venues.  Don’t bring open containers with alcohol to these sites if it is not allowed per public laws.  If staff see open or marked alcoholic containers, you will be asked to remove them from the playing facility.  Please be responsible as you will be held accountable for your actions when playing in public.  Also, please ask for or call a ride if you’ve been drinking and need help getting home safely as part of our Social Responsibility Program, as we want to make sure we see you for games and social events the following week!

Social Awards 

We don’t consider ourselves to be a super competitive Club when it comes to the games, but we do hand out a few awards each season in various categories.  These categories consist of: 1st Place Team, Most Social Team, and Most Social Player.  How do you win these exactly?  Let us tell you!       

·       1st Place Team award is for the team that was left standing atop the rest when it was all said and done.  Teams must make sure to report scores to Club Staff each night and have the captain sign the score sheet after each game to make it official.  Keep in mind that not only are tracking final scores, but will be judging teams based on sportsmanship throughout the season.  Any team that falls below an average of 3.0 sportsmanship rating (1 bad - 5 good rating) will not be eligible to receive this award.

·       Most Social Team award is for that team that truly embraces the spirit and mission of the Club.  This is the team that is giving out high fives to the other teams during and after their games, cheering for everyone regardless of shirt color, and all-in-all is just being plain ole' friendly to everyone they come across!  Any team that falls below an average of 3.0 sportsmanship rating (1 bad - 5 good rating) will not be eligible to receive this award.

·       Most Social Player award is for that player that truly embraces the spirit and mission of the Club as a standout individual.  This is the player that you always see smiling and everyone just seems to know their name because they are simply that social.  In fact, they are so nice that you get so excited to see them each week at the games and the bar that you tinkle yourself just a little bit!  Our Club Staff will be hunting for this person throughout the season and we hope that it is YOU!

Participation is key to winning these awards!  Your team will receive one point for each player that is playing/present on your team each of the first 5 weeks, whether it's a paid roster player or a friend subbing for a missing roster spot (must check-in with Club Staff before game). 

Note - the highest amount of points you can score each week is the total number of registered players on your team roster i.e. 12 paid roster players for the season and 10 show up week one along with 1 sub would equal 11/12 points or 91.66% for that night.  You can also score bonus points for each player that participates in our two theme weeks each season i.e. 6 players participate for the 1st theme and 8 participate for the 2nd theme, giving you 18/12 for the first theme night and 20/12 for the second theme night if all 12 players were there each night!  As you can see, it's worth participating! Besides, it's a ton of fun to see you and your friends in your costumes! 

After week 5 ends, we will total up all the points for each team and divide it out of the total possible points your team could have earned, thus getting a percentage - thanks Tony M!!  We'll then put the top three teams, in each league, in to a survey, which we will then send out to the league for a vote on who they think the most social team is that season. You have 5 weeks to build up those social points, so make sure you are attending your games and participating in themes. 

Determining Records & Sportsmanship Rating

If you're a team still looking or craving a bit of glory from days of the past.  Here's what you need to know:

·       League Champions are determined by the best record with “head to head” match-ups and “points scored against” used as the tie breakers.

·       Sportsmanship Rating: In order to claim 1st place, your team will be given a rating of (1-5 with 5 being the BEST rating) by our officials, umpires, and Club Staff each week based on sportsmanship.  This rating applies to your team’s character towards the opposing team, officials, staff, and spectators (because we always sell out available seats).  If your team's rating falls below an average of 3.0 after Week 7, your team will be ineligible for the award and the next best eligible team (record & rating) will take your place, so please play nicely out there. 


You can always find the most up to date, live schedules online.  Reminders will also be sent to your email each week telling you times and locations of your upcoming game(s) so be sure to take us out of your spam or promotions folder so you see these reminders. 


Please be aware if you or anyone on your team needs a sub during any week of your leagues, we need that person to be aware of rules and that they need to be 18 or older in order to play.  All subs WILL be required to sign in with the League Ambassador and obtain a wristband prior to being able to play which also makes them eligible for our Club specials at the partner bars!  Subs should also try to wear a shirt that matches your team color as close as possible to help eliminate confusion when playing.  You may only have as many subs as players missing from the roster on that day, for example: 2 players from the roster missing would equal 2 friends playing in place of them that night.  You may not have 3 people filling in for those 2 players as that would result in a player technically playing for free and using playing time of players on the team that have fully paid for their roster position.


If you have an accident and have an injury during the course of play, please be sure to let one of the staff members know, especially if they didn’t see it happen so we can attend to it properly.  There will be a med bag at every game and we have ice packs, bandages, leeches (well maybe not those...), etc. to provide first aid so that we can get you back in the game and playing as soon as possible!


Teams must make sure to report scores to Club Staff each night and have the captain sign the score sheet after each game to make it official.  Keep in mind that not only are tracking final scores, but will be judging teams based on sportsmanship throughout the season.  Any team that falls below an average of 3.0 sportsmanship rating (1 bad - 5 good rating) will not be eligible to receive this award. The team captain has the ability to enter in scores from each week online as well.


Please review the rules at least once before coming to your 1st game.  If you have a question regarding a rule, you may always email the office: or you may ask your staff member when they meet with you on the 1st night of games.  The staff will assist in enforcing the rules and calling the game along with the captains or designated team officials.  By working together, this will ensure a game that is called fairly and allow for teams to focus on having fun and bonding with one another.  The key rule is sportsmanship!  Even though we are on different teams, we’re all in the same Club together, so let’s agree to have fun and treat everyone with respect.  Remember, the goal is to make new friends and meet people!


We do everything we can to work with Mother Nature when it comes to getting ideal weather for our league nights.  If we are forced to cancel a league due to unsafe conditions or inclement weather, we'll send out a notice of cancellations across our Social Media platforms as well as an email to each league.  We try to make sure these notices go out by 4pm if we know for sure we won't be playing.  If we end up needing to postpone a league and it is after 4pm, we'll do everything as stated before, plus we will personally call each captain in that league to help notify team members of the cancellation.  Our calendar typically allows for 1-2 weeks of games to be made up at the back end of the schedule should we end up canceling one because let's face it, we want you to play!  *Once we reach this threshold of make up dates, we no longer have the opportunity to play those games.  Although we will do everything possible to make sure games are played, we run in to rare instances when it is not possible.

Playing Attire

Remember that part about weather?  Please dress accordingly!  This is Michigan and the weather may change on a moment’s notice.  Remember to review the equipment section in your online rules as it pertains to your league.  Having the proper attire will keep both yourself and others safe while playing!  A HUGE thank you for helping us with this cause. Also don't forget to wear your game shirt to your games each week. This is your uniform and if you do not wear it then you will need to check in with staff as if you were a sub.

Social Media 

If you haven’t done so already, make sure to follow us on social media via Facebook and Instagram.  We will post videos, photos, and announcements of every league that we have running.  We’ll make you look like rock stars in front of all your friends, so feel free to tag yourself or share a photo as you crush it this season.  Follow our pages to find out what is happening each week, participate in polls, and keep an eye out for discounts on future leagues and events!

Finally, get your party hats on and be ready to make some new friends and if you happen to find yourself enjoying this season, we always have another season and special events to sign up for!  Thanks for being an SSC Club Member and we’re excited to see you playing this season! 

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