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5/3/2021, 1:00pm

Please review our most recent SSC policies on playing here


Here’s where we stand at the moment:



With consideration of the Executive Order 2020-175, 13. C of the Michigan Governor and her clarity on 9/9/2020 stating that masks are to be mandated for sports indoors and out;

Recognizing the inability to fully understand if an executive order is actually an enforceable law; 

Recognizing also that our players are adults of sound mind who signed a waiver releasing SSC from harm, fully understand the risks of playing and coronavirus, and have stated that they can weigh their own risks to make decisions for themselves;

Remembering the Governor's statement last year stated, “non-contact, outdoor sports are not required to wear masks…”;

Believing that face coverings should be worn and enforced indoors, but outdoors is a completely different environment;

Taking into consideration that our summer leagues last year (2020), accommodating over 2,040 people playing per week, further verified that we can play safely outdoors without mandating face coverings and have not contributed to the spread of coronavirus;

Acknowledging that the State of Michigan, specifically in the cities where we play, are north of 55% of people vaccinated;

Deeply convinced that the vaccination numbers will continue to increase exponentially, making it safer by the day and will continue to change/update CDC and State policies;

Convinced that it is safer to play sports outdoors without a mask than eating inside a restaurant without a mask;

Fully believing that the CDC and the State of Michigan will soon align and that we are heading towards this same conclusion;

Taking into account there still continues to be more clarity coming from the CDC, the State, ;



The Club strongly urges all players to wear face coverings if they can tolerate it because we believe it does help reduce the spread of the coronavirus, however at this time, because of the clauses stated above, we will not mandate or enforce face coverings for players who play outdoors.


Note: This decision may change and we may begin to enforce face coverings outside if any of the following occur:


All in all, our goal is to stay open, operational, and to continue to provide our players with fun, social sport leagues, played in the safest environment possible.  We hope and ask that our players understand that we are also human and trying our best to keep everyone safe and happy while abiding by the laws which govern us.  The Club walks a fine line on how to navigate these unchartered waters and like the weather, sometimes things are just out of our hands where in the future we may be forced to enforce certain laws to keep you and others safe.  Until then, mask up if you can and please stay safe and have fun!



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